The Basics

West Virginia has many challenges when planning for its future transportation needs. It is a rural state dotted with small towns and cities and has a challenging topography. The rural nature of our state makes transportation a major issue for getting to work, school or obtaining services. Furthermore, public policy is lagging behind the rest of the nation, and our roads, bridges, bicycling, pedestrian and transit infrastructure are either nonexistent and/or in need of substantial repair.

Connecting Communities is a statewide non-profit providing a unifying voice for citizens, elected officials and policy leaders to address smart growth and a complete transportation system for our state. Our vision is, where feasible, people can bike or walk to their neighborhood grocery store and kids can bike or walk safely to school.  Let's find ways to help people lead healthier lifestyles because they can walk and bike where they live if given the opportunity.

Building the People Powered Movement