Membership Levels

  • Individual $30/year
  • Nonprofit $50/year
  • Family $40/year
  • Student $10/year

Business & Government Levels

  • Bike Level $250/year
  • Two-Person Bike Level $500/year
  • Three-person Bike Level $1k/year
  • Unicycle Level $2500/year
  • Bike Anywhere WV $5k/year

The Benefits

  • Your voice being heard by local, state and national policy leaders
  • Organized efforts to establish new policies that allow for cycling and walking to be a part of infrastructure planning
  • Organized efforts to eliminate policies hindering the safe passage of bikers and walkers in our towns
  • Organized efforts to support other organizations that promote active living

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Make checks payable to WVCC: P.O. Box 973, Charleston, WV 25324

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